Admission Requirements

Of course, as in any institution, we must monitor whether students correspond to the specialty they want to enter. Of course, the level of knowledge is important, so in order to enter the desired specialty, raise the level of knowledge, refer to because and other sources will provide you with useful information.

Bachelor of Business Administration.

For the Bachelor of Business Administration Program, the applicants must have a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) and its equivalent with passing grades in English and Mathematics average in other subjects. Please discuss with the admission counsellor if you have any questions.

Admission Requirements for MBA Program.

Students are required to possess a Bachelor’s Degree from a nationally or regionally accredited university in order to be admitted to the MBA Programme.

Bachelor’s Degree Completion.

In order to be admitted to the Degree Completion Program, students must have completed at least one-third of the courses (about 35 credit hours) of undergraduate courses with passing grades at recognized colleges or universities. The completed courses will be assessed in order to determine those which can be accepted for transfer to CCWU degree completion program.

Admission Requirements for Ph.D Program.

Inorder to be admitted to Ph.D Program, students must have an MBA from a nationally or regionally accredited university.