It is over a decade since we started our program in Malawi and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be part of the journey during which period CCWUM has made a modest contribution to the education of Malawians. For example, our university and also known as have helped many students find themselves and thereby develop areas where they are self-fulfilling. Our graduates are currently serving their country in key positions in Government and the Private Sector and a good number are running successful businesses in different parts of the country. I am also proud to witness my own students inspired by CCWUM's programs starting similar educational institutions thus benefiting Malawians in receiving educational and employment opportunities.Our University will keep on giving individuals, groups or institutions moral and material support as we have been doing in the past within our means by choosing to be cooperative partners as opposed to being competitive in an adversarial way. As I have always said when addressing students on different occasions, one of the major goals of education should be preparing people to serve others, to set good examples of professional conduct and moral values as they apply their skills and knowledge to solving day-to-day problems. Allow me to express my sincere gratitude to all those hard working lecturers from the UNIMA system and other institutions who have been showing commendable cooperation in teaching, counseling and supervising our students through the years. Our administrative staff deserve special thanks for not only carrying their day-to-day duties but also serving students with so much care and love. The alumni members as well as current students have been exemplar in showing support to their University and in conducting themselves with dignity and pride as well as offering help whenever CCWUM needed one. Education cannot be attained without a team effort and I urge you all to keep up the good work as you are the major stake holders and CCWUM belongs to you first and then to the stockholders and employees next. On my part, let me assure you that I am committed to making sure that your University keeps its reputation and image intact so that the education you receive and the certificate you have earned or will be earning stays respected and valued by employers, the public at large, and most importantly remains as a testimony to your hard work through years of attending classes, studying for examinations, conducting research and investing your time and resources which could have not been attained without sacrifice and a great deal of discipline.