Columbia Commonwealth University (CCWU) was incorporated by the State of Wyoming on October 24th. 2001. In September of 2002 CCWUM was licensed by the Department of Education, (License Number 06-142-30) to offer distance education programs at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degree levels in Administration and Management, Arts and Sciences and Health and Human Services. When the State made changes on its recognition policy that it is mandated to license only colleges and not Universities CCWU decided to focus on its international programs to by maintaining its University status it deserved. To find out what these international programs are and how to apply for them, buy article online at

The University received recognition from various institutions such as the International Professional Mangers Association (IPMKA), the Chartered Institute of Administration and Management (CIAM) Consultant, Ghana, and the Association of Business Executives (ABE), UK. In 2001, upon the recommendation by a high ranking Malawian official that CCWUM’s programs be offered in Malawi, the Board of trustees established.

A high ranking Malawian official approached the President of the University Dr. Les Carr to start CCWU's program in Malawi. Dr, Les Carr appointed Professor Tesfaye Ketsela to travel to Malawi and gave him full responsibility and representation to conduct a feasibility study and run the program. The CCWU program programs were presented to the Department of Human Services which reviewed the programs and its track record and granted full accreditation to offer both postgraduate and undergraduate programs in Malawi