Programs Offered

Our goal: to prepare qualified specialists who will understand how to manage their time, to attract a strong resource base such as and buy book reports as well as how to properly attract their knowledge from those or other areas.


The Ph.D. program is designed to enable students to become effective and efficient administrators and managers in the field of business administration as well as advance their careers and develop their professional involvement at higher levels of business administration and management . It is also designed to enable students to master concepts, theories and principles in their respective areas of concentration and prepare them to become competent scholars capable of conducting original research, systematic inquiry and critical evaluation of programs and projects.


The MBA program is designed to enable students to advance their career objectives in business administration by developing skills and knowledge in various areas in business. Students will become familiar with the concepts and principles of business administration in their particular field of choice and interest . The program will thus prepare them to be competent practitioners in a chosen field of business administration.Students will also be expected to conduct graduate level research relating models and theories to solving problems relevant to local situations as well as organize content material and systematic inquiry for further research.


The Bachelor of Business Administration is designed to enable students become familiar with the principles, concepts and applications of basic courses required at the first degree level. Area of concentration courses are designed to prepare students for entry level professions in their specialization. Each course will have specific learning objectives students are required to complete by the end of the course work. Students will be required to relate the concepts and principles learnt to the local (Malawian) situations so that they can apply them when they join the world of work.