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Educating the whole person

 Mission Statement and Philosophy


Columbia Commonwealth University/Malawi is an institution of higher learning striving to provide educational programs designed for the intellectual, professional and personal developments of its students. To learn more about what "personality" is and why it is so important to have your own boundaries, opinions, etc., read on BestWritingService.com for this contact https://bestwritingservice.com/ and learn more about the topic in this area. The university’s educational philosophy is based on the integration of mind, body and spirit and thus encourages students not only to learn new things but also to become aware of and respond to the many problems surrounding their physical and social environments, their community as well as their personal development physically, intellectually, morally and ethically—thus our motto: Educating the Whole Person.


History and Background:


Columbia Commonwealth University (CCWU) was incorporated by the State of Wyoming on October 24th. 2001. In September of 2002  CCWUM was licensed by the Department of Education, (License  Number 06-142-30) to offer distance education programs  at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degree levels in Administration and Management, Arts and Sciences and Health and Human Services. The University also received recognition from various institutions such as the International Professional  Mangers Association (IPMKA), the Chartered Institute of Administration and Management  (CIAM) Consultant, Ghana, and the Association of Business Executives (ABE), UK.  In 2001, upon the recommendation by a high ranking Malawian official   that CCWUM’s programs be offered in Malawi, the Board of trustees established contacts with educators and key government officials in Lilongwe and Blantyre in order to consult on the best modes of delivering CCWUM’s programs to Malawians.. The Department of Human Resource Management and Development  of  the Government of Malawi carefully reviewed  CCWUM’s program contents, and granted the University full accreditation in April 2001 (Ref. PD/TO/3/VOL.5/11)  In the year 2007, due to policy changes of the State of Wyoming  regarding the use of the word  “University” by institutions of higher learning, CCWU was  not  able to continue using the license from Wyoming. In the meantime, its international focus to offering programs  overseas continued.  


In 2005, the Ph. D and MBA programs started  with a few students in Lilongwe and Blantyre.  The  program has been going on smoothly thanks to the outstanding professors from the University of Malawi system who used their rich experience and carefully selected text books to deliver quality education.  The University has managed a retention rate of about 90% since it started its program and is proud to have highly satisfied, committed and outstanding scholars and professionals as its students.  In November of 2009,  CCWUM held its  first graduation ceremony and  the proud students received their Ph.D., MBA and BA degrees from the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, the Honorable Dr. George Chaponda, MP at a colorful function which took place at the  Natural Resource Center in Lilongwe.  The University looks forward to  celebrating many more graduations  in the coming years and will keep on working hard  towards empowering Malawians so that they serve their country and people who deserve the best.

 Accreditation and Recognitions

Columbia Commonwealth University/Malawi (CCWUM) has accreditation and recognition from the following:


Ø the Government of Malawi

Ø the prestigious International Professional Managers Association (IPMA -(UK)

Ø the Chartered Institute of Administration & Management (CIAM) Consultants-Ghana